Accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, are becoming increasingly popular as a way to further invest in your property and get the most use of your land. In Hawaii, ADUs are gaining more support through laws that help homeowners capitalize on their property by building ADU homes.

Given the legal parameters governing ADUs, finding a builder well-versed in these types of dwellings is essential. That’s where we come in. Tal Builders is here to help you build an ADU of up to 760 ft.² that boosts your home’s value. ADU homes are our specialty. As experienced ADU builders in Oahu, we are well acquainted with the ADU requirements in Hawaii. Trust our team with your home.

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Building an ADU in Hawaii comes with some requirements that must be adhered to. They can be attached to your home or can be a standalone structure. To be eligible to build an ADU on your property, the following applies:

  • Zoning – you must be in the correct zone.
  • Land Size – your property needs to be at least 3,500 ft.² to qualify for ADU construction. If your land is between 3,500 ft.² to 4,999 ft.², you can build an ADU of 400 ft.² If your land is greater than 5,000 ft.², your custom ADU can be up to 800 ft.².
  • Completed Home – you must already have one finished house on your property. If there are duplexes, apartments or more than one house on your property, an ADU cannot be built on the lot.
  • Driveway – there should be a driveway or easement that connects your land to the road.
  • Primary Residence – the owner of the property or a member of the property owner’s family must live on the property. They can be either in the main house or live in the ADU.
  • Approval – you must have the liberty to build an ADU. If you are part of an HOA that prohibits the construction of ADUs, you will not be able to build one.

Once the ADU is complete, an affidavit must be filed with the state of Hawaii’s Land Court or a Bureau of Conveyances to acknowledge that the ADU cannot be separated from the lot or sold separately.


Extra income – an ADU can be a rental space that generates additional income for your household.

More room for family – this allows relatives to live on your property while still maintaining their independence.

Versatility – there are many different activities you can use your ADU for. And as your needs change as a family, you can change the use of your ADU.

Accessibility – ADUs provide a convenient home for homeowners as they age.


Based in Hawaii, our team at Tal Builders is proud to be the name behind some of the notable home improvement projects. Our knack for quality handiwork and experience with ADU building sets us apart as a leader in home remodeling. With 20 years of experience in the industry, we’ve established a solid reputation as the ADU builders that Hawaii homeowners can trust.

With us, you’re guaranteed:

  • A Dedicated Team of Professional Builders
  • 1-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Licensed and Insured Contractors
  • Competitive Rates
  • Outstanding Results
  • Exceptional Client Care

As highly-rated ADU builders in Oahu, no other ADU builder does a better job at bringing your dream to life than Tal Builders.

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