Elevate Your Space with Modern Pools and Outdoor Spas

Homeowners dreaming of turning their Oahu outdoor space into an outdoor oasis can turn to the professionals at TAL Builders. Our contractors are highly skilled and qualified, with years of expertise in interior and exterior renovations. What you dream of for your outdoor living pool and spa can be achieved with our innovation and flair. …


Coastal Kitchen Ideas

There’s something about a beach house that relaxes you. Well, now you don’t have to say goodbye to the beach vibe when you leave your vacation. Remodel your kitchen to a beach house coastal kitchen design that makes you feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into your kitchen. In fact, it’s one …

Commercial Remodel in Short Turnaround Time

Meet Heidi Lynn Campos, a fine-line body and brow tattoo artist, licensed aesthetician, and certified makeup artist moving into a new studio in Kaka’ako, Hawaii. Even though she was thrilled about relocating her studio, HL Studio + Inc., to a new space, the space didn’t offer the aesthetic and functional elements she needed it to. Before …

Do You Need Design Build Services in Hawaii?

The design-build method is a more efficient way of construction. It is where a contractor will also provide designs all under one single contract, for a more unified flow of work with greater responsiveness and understanding. This method plays a key role in Hawaii’s construction industry and the professionals at Tal Builders will dive into …

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House in Hawaii

There are many expenses that need to be accounted for when planning to build a home in Hawaii. The type of property, permit acquisitions, land fees, the location of the construction area, customizations, and many other aspects all must be factored into your budget. For those deciding whether building your own house in Hawaii is …

Top Home Remodeling Ideas for Hawaii

A home renovation is the perfect way to infuse your personal style into your living space. Whether you are renovating your entire home or customizing a space, these home renovation ideas will help you begin to plan your interior home remodeling. Embrace Indoor-Outdoor Living Bring nature indoors with these house renovation ideas. Use a wall …

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