Coastal Kitchen Ideas

There’s something about a beach house that relaxes you. Well, now you don’t have to say goodbye to the beach vibe when you leave your vacation. Remodel your kitchen to a beach house coastal kitchen design that makes you feel like you’re on vacation every time you step into your kitchen. In fact, it’s one of the growing kitchen style trends.

Coastal kitchens are distinct due to the use of natural woods, blue, white and green hues, natural light, breathtaking views, and an open-concept kitchen design. The seating often consists of a kitchen island, breakfast barstools or nook that create an informal and relaxed communal space. Even if you have a small kitchen, there are plenty of small coastal kitchen ideas you can implement. In this blog, we’ll show you how you can achieve a coast kitchen of your own.


Coastal Living Kitchen Ideas That Can’t Go Wrong

The brown beams on the ceiling break up some of the white colour. The ceiling fan’s broad blades are stylish and efficient in air circulation. The floor tiles are different sizes and seem randomly placed, but this gives the kitchen a more natural look and feel. Social interaction is encouraged with two kitchen islands – one is a breakfast bar, and the other is for cooking. Also, the curved shape of the breakfast bar is one of the hallmarks of traditional coastal kitchens.

The pendant lights are a beautiful addition to the space and cast a warm, yellow light across the room that highlights the rustic colours in this traditional kitchen. The open concept creates a free-flowing and relaxed environment in the kitchen. Also noticeable is the glass on the cabinets which adds balance to the room by creating some contrast to the wood.

The black built-in appliances are a modern touch that, combined with the sage, green-coloured cabinets and wood elements in this kitchen, amplifies this coastal kitchen design. There is plenty of storage in the custom cabinets and the open-concept floor plan leads to a dining area with large windows that allow you to have a picturesque view.

Coastal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Let the backsplash be an extension of the countertop. The continuity complements the sage cabinets and makes the kitchen look larger. This is a winner because it doesn’t introduce too many different hues or textures. A key to a well-designed kitchen scheme is sticking to three colours for decor and accessories, keeping the room balanced visually.

This kitchen utilizes granite slabs that incorporates the undertones in the kitchen. One of the ways to keep things light, free and natural looking is to use the natural colours of materials to serve as decorative elements.

Choose warm wood floors and pair them with neutral classic colours i.e. greys and whites. This will create a timeless coastal kitchen. Windows are a must to view the beauty outside your kitchen.

Go with a backsplash that complements the theme. This glass herringbone backsplash is subtle in colour, but the pattern is what makes it a decorative feature. If you have a small kitchen, opting for a subtle backsplash colour can make your kitchen appear larger.

Coastal kitchens offer great views and are designed to allow natural light to flow in and brighten up the space. To facilitate this, large windows are exactly what you need. The natural light shining onto the countertop enhances its appeal and highlights the veins in the quartz, creating a natural decorative element.


Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas

One of the defining elements of coastal kitchens are the colours, and blue is definitely one of them. This kitchen utilizes light blue excellently on the cabinets placed underneath the farmhouse sink that adds to the ease and relaxing nature of coastal kitchens.

Light Wood Floors

Coastal kitchen designs embrace natural elements. The wood floor in this beautiful coastal kitchen is an example of how this can be done well. The natural elements of this kitchen complement the blue cabinets perfectly and are just what this kitchen needs.

White Coastal Kitchen Ideas

This white kitchen is everything! The absence of colour allows you to appreciate the design of the kitchen more. Coastal kitchens are subtle in their appeal. The open-concept design and shaker doors further contribute to the casual and light theme. The medium-toned wood floors are perfect against the white in this kitchen.

We see here how subtle and natural elements can create a beautiful coastal kitchen. This white kitchen has silver elements, but if you would like to add some colour, use a blue tint. the beauty of using whites is that it creates a clean and crisp look in your kitchen.

A spacious kitchen allows you to add convenience to your kitchen, like an island that offers plenty of storage and helps you keep things organized, a wine fridge, or a large oven, making the space more functional for your family.

The use of rich wood tones in coastal kitchens can be done in a way that does not take away from the coastal theme but enhances it. Here, the white kitchen is accentuated with brown counter stools, which is an opportunity to add some colour and texture to the kitchen.

Aside from a few silver elements, the counter stools, and the wood on the floor, the entire kitchen is white. The beauty of this kitchen is brought out through texture and design. We also see decorative elements on the flooring providing character and beauty to the space.

You can never have too much storage in a kitchen. White kitchens in particular should be clear of decorated elements on countertops, walls, or other areas in the kitchen. So storing these items in the cabinets underneath the island is great.

Using brick for the backsplash adds texture and breaks up some of the monotony that can come with white kitchens. The silver range hood and stove top also accomplish this. The natural light flowing into the kitchen through the large windows illuminates the texture and makes it turned out.

The different finishes in this coastal kitchen design makes it unique. The gloss finish on the backsplash, the gray section of the sink, and the brass faucet come together beautifully. Using blue for the dishwasher and is a perfect example of how colour can be used to highlight certain features in your coastal kitchen.

You do not need to have an open-concept kitchen to incorporate a coastal kitchen theme, the blue and white tones are enough to make that statement. There are the blue cabinets and the detail on the wall near the stove that uses patterns and coastal colours to solidify the theme. The pendant light is a showpiece that uses detail to draw the eye.



A coastal theme is possible for your kitchen! TAL Builders has plenty of modern coastal kitchen ideas to offer and can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams. All you need to do to get started is contact our team!

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