Commercial Remodel in Short Turnaround Time

Meet Heidi Lynn Campos, a fine-line body and brow tattoo artist, licensed aesthetician, and certified makeup artist moving into a new studio in Kaka’ako, Hawaii. Even though she was thrilled about relocating her studio, HL Studio + Inc., to a new space, the space didn’t offer the aesthetic and functional elements she needed it to.

Before hiring a commercial contractor or starting commercial building construction, Campos knew exactly what she wanted her new Kaka’ako studio to look like. She wanted her commercial project to be designed in a way that was suitable for its use and reflected her creativity and style. The issue Campos faced was finding a reliable commercial renovation contractor who could capture her vision and make it a reality before her opening deadline.

Commercial Remodel hawaii

The Studio’s Dull State

The studio had an unflattering gray vinyl flooring, and the walls were a yellowish-beige colour.

Another problem was that her studio needed to provide some privacy for clients without building walls that would make the 504-square-foot studio look and feel even smaller. The commercial renovation project was intended to address all these issues.

The Problem: Commercial Remodeling

Despite having a well-thought-out vision, Campos found herself in a jam. The renovation contractor she had hired to transform her studio failed to deliver. The finishing materials her contractor had promised to provide and install were not available and neither were they, leaving her stuck in limbo.

Not only did the contractor fail to show up, they did not communicate with Campos. Their lack of professionalism threatened to significantly disrupt her plan to open her studio on time. As the deadline approached, her stress mounted.

Commercial Remodeling project
Commercial renovation project

Key Takeaways

Anytime you need commercial building construction done, you need a contractor that is 100 percent engaged and committed to the project. So look out for early signs of unreliability when you are interviewing potential contractors for your project.

Take the time to interview different potential contractors and make sure that you are comfortable with the one you pick and confident that they will be able to complete the job.

Always go with a company that is known for producing excellent results every single time.

Rely on your instincts to steer you in the right direction. If you feel unsettled after meeting a contractor, chances are they are not the right fit for you.

There’s no time to waste when renovating a commercial property. Every day that the project is delayed, you will lose money. If things are not progressing well with your current contractor, reach out to others as a backup plan.

The Solution: TAL Builders Steps In, Saving the Day

When Campos realized that she needed a new contractor, her neighbour Meny, who happens to be part of the TAL Builders team, was there to help. Providing reliable renovation services is the difference TAL Builders brings to the industry.

We worked with Campos’ original design plan because she had a precise vision for her studio. Our job was to quickly mobilize our team and coordinate our schedule to ensure the project was completed on schedule. We are able to accomplish this with a dedicated team of in-house contractors.

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TAL Builders Turns Designs into Reality

We listened intently to her pain points and the desired outcome. Providing her with options that reflected her personality and the nature of her business was our top priority.

She also wanted a quick turnaround, which many contractors in Hawaii are unable to do due to scarcity of materials and having to wait for extended periods of time for materials to be delivered. We knew time was of the essence, so we moved quickly. Because we take a strategic approach to commercial projects, we were confident we had the resources and skills to turn her vision to reality.


Elegant Studio Remodeling in a Short Time

We provided Campos with a quote the same day and were determined to ensure she got her project delivered in record time.

The first thing that had to go was the vinyl flooring. It was not a good choice given that tattoo ink stains the surface of the vinyl. We installed stain-resistant ceramic tiles which are the most suitable option given her occupation. The next step was to paint her walls and give them a warm, welcoming tone. We went with ivory.

To create the privacy the space needed, our team installed glass partition doors to create individual workspaces and some privacy without making the studio feel smaller and cluttered. We designed three recessed alcoves, with each one having four large shelves that provided ample space for Campos to display her skin and aftercare products. We also used mock bamboo wall coverings to infuse natural elements into the space.

We’re happy to say that we were able to meet all of her goals and exceed her expectations. A unique space is exactly what Campos needed, and we are proud to say we delivered just that. We provided skilled labour and completed the project on time. Within just four weeks, the TAL Builders team completely transformed Campos’ studio much to her delight.


Key Takeaways

Hire a contractor who is responsive to your questions and concerns and clearly communicates their plans for your renovation project.

When engaging a contractor, ask them about their project management and approach to setbacks. What solutions do they have for shortages and what measures do they have in place to stick to the schedule? Do they have an in-house team or do they engage subcontractors that come at the lowest cost to them?

Hiring a design-build contractor is the way to go for a seamless renovation and a consistent standard of excellence and quality. Because the same team that handles design handles construction, you can be certain that the ball will not get dropped between contractors. They work together cohesively as a team, bring the same level of dedication to the project, and are committed to seeing the project completed excellently.

This takes a huge burden off your shoulders because you don’t have to worry about hiring and managing different contractors on your own. Under the design-build model, the contractor will handle every aspect of the project.

How TAL Builders Builds Relationships

We’ve been consistently working with homeowners in Hawaii to give them an unforgettable renovation experience and top results. Word of mouth is one of our most powerful marketing tools. We focus on exceeding the expectations of each client knowing that if they are happy with our work, they’ll refer us to somebody else.

We are proud to be a top choice in commercial renovations because homeowners in Hawaii know they can count on us for superior commercial construction management.


TAL Builders’ Answer to Hawaii’s Finish Material Shortages

Finding a contractor in Hawaii with the same sense of urgency you have as a commercial property owner can be challenging. Like Campos, many business owners in Hawaii are on the receiving end of commercial construction supply shortages. This creates a lot of stress and frustration.

TAL Builders understands the need for speedy yet quality work. Before we commit to a project, we make sure we’re able to complete it. We approach each project strategically, plan ahead, and provide efficient project management founded on realistic expectations and timelines. Staying organized has allowed us to remain top of the list when it comes to reputable commercial and industrial construction companies.

Commercial Construction Projects

All Your Commercial Construction Projects in One Spot

We are proud to say that HL Studio + Inc. is just one of the many commercial spaces TAL Builders has successfully re-invented. We’ve worked on various types of commercial buildings and understand the value of time. We can advise on commercial construction financing and other aspects of the project. So anytime you are in need of a dedicated and reliable commercial contractor in Hawaii, look no further than TAL Builders.

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